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Ahhh Dearborn, The land of outlawed privacy fencing. If you are a resident of Dearborn Michigan and interested in replacing an existing fence or having a new fence installed, it is very important to work with a fence company or contractor who is experienced in dealing with the city building department. It is also important to understand that it is very likely to take at least 3 weeks for your fence permit to be approved.

When applying for a permit at the city of Dearborn you will need to bring all of the necessary paperwork shown on the right side of this page. You will also need to make sure that your fence complies with defence ordinance is shown at the bottom of this page. If at any time you would like professional assistance, we would be more than happy to help you out with your fencing project and required permit.

Permit Requirements

  • Permit Application - Completed
  • Signed Neighbor Approval Forms - If applicable
  • Mortgage/Property Survey - 3 Copies
  • Picture of Proposed Fence - 3 Copies
  • Association Approval - If applicable


Fence Ordinances

Below is a brief overview of the fence ordinances for Dearborn Michigan. This is not a complete or definite list and should never be used in support of a dispute. The complete document of codes and ordinances regarding fences in Dearborn can be found here.

  • Privacy fencing and privacy slats for chain link are not allowed without zoning board approval
  • Semi-private, shadowbox, ornamental aluminum/wrought iron, and chain link fences are allowed
  • No fences with electrical currents, charges, or any other electrical attribute are allowed
  • Barbed-wire and other similar sharp finises are not allowed
  • If a fence has a good side and bad side (finished/un-finished), the good (finished) side must face adjacent properties
  • All fencing must remain maintained at all times. The city inspector has the right to require a fence repair as he feels necessary
  • maximum fence height is 5ft tall (unless adding lattice on top of the fence, then the lattice top can be a maximum of 6ft tall)

Important Links

The following link(s) and download(s) will help guide you in the process of gaining information, preparing for, and applying for a fence permit in Dearborn. When hiring Paramount Fence Company for your installation or repair, we will take care of the permit process for you at no additional charge.

City of Dearborn Official website | Link
The official website for the city of Dearborn MI will provide further details, information, and regulations regarding fences and permit requirements.

Dearborn Fence Permit Application | Download
Use this downloadable permit application when applying for a fence permit in Dearborn. Be sure to include all of the other documents mentioned at the top of this page.

Want a professional to do it for you?

If you are uncomfortable with obtaining your own permit OR have no experience installing fences, Paramount Fence would be more than happy to assist you with your project. We have installed fencing for many residents in Dearborn and know the exact process for getting your permit approved. Simply fill out the form below and one of our professionals will respond accordingly. "we look forward to hearing from you!"

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