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For many years we have been working on building a reputation as the leading fence company in the Dearborn area and are confident to say that if you check ratings and reviews, you will quickly notice that we have accomplished this task! Why are we so much better than others? It is simple, we genuinely care about you, your property, and your fence; not just your check book. In addition to caring, we offer the fastest service, quickest estimating process, and very competitive prices!

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If you would like to receive a free estimate, simply fill out the estimate form to the right and one of our professionals will respond within 24 business hours to begin your estimating process. In most cases, you will receive a complete estimate in less than 48 hours! Most of our competitors will not even respond by the time we have an estimate in your hand!

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We like to keep a commitment to complete customer satisfaction around our office and making sure that you are happy with your decision to select us for your fence project in the Dearborn area is one of our top priorities throughout the duration of your installation. If you look around the web at our ratings and reviews, you will quickly notice why we can confidently speak about being the best and THAT is the Power of Paramount!

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